Frisky Prodigal ft. Shreya Killedar - Passenger Seat

Music is known to speak the unspoken. It has no boundaries when it comes to creating it. After performing as a DJ for many years, I'm finally presenting you with a Trance original. This is just the start; we are going to blow your minds off with more killer tracks. About the Song: We all wish to not have that passenger seat empty and how we wait for someone to take that seat but until then we got to take that road alone. That’s what we have tried to put it in the lyrics and beats. Let us know how much you liked it!

Shreya Killedar | Passenger Seat | Frisky Prodigal - Trance

My debut single as a songwriter, the song is about cruising through life alone. Experimenting with Trance genre, I hope you like it! Singer/Songwriter - SHREYA KILLEDAR Music Programmer - STAVE RECORDS Mixing and Mastering - WILLS MUSIC STUDIOS Produced by - FRISKY PRODIGAL

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