I'm Frisky

People who are born to play, heighten the senses and emotion in both clubbers and their Peers. They create a sense of anticipation when they take the decks because the crowd knows they are in for a ride.

Frisky Prodigal is one of them.

As a DJ he has started to carve quite a name for himself following high profile sets at the likes of PASSION. Frisky Prodigal's sets are rooted in a love of melodic and groovy music. Putting a label on FRISKY PRODIGAL is hard, and he prefers it that way. Frisky Prodigal will drop you of, pull you back up and throw your senses to all points of emotional compass. His hallmark is breathtakingly smooth, skillful between varieties of genres in any given set. FRISKY PRODIGAL is poised to take electronic music out of the confines of the global underground.

Listners, comments I am trying to be innovative in every melody i get.. !!

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